The Harmony Cafe 

Download canteen menu   ** NEW MENU **

How To Order

  • Orders should be written on a paper bag with correct money inside wrapped in a clean tissue.
  • Lunch bags are available for purchase from Harmony Café for 10c each or as a bundle of 10 for 50c.
  • Envelopes are accepted with the order, but must include child’s name, room number, enclosed amount and order written clearly on the envelope with money placed inside and the envelope sealed.  Please include extra 10c for the cost of the lunch bag to be stapled to the envelope.
  • Please endeavour to send along the correct money.  However, if change is required, this will be sticky taped to the front of the lunch order bag.
  • Students are to ensure that lunch orders are placed in the classroom crate before the start of the school day.
  • Parents can also place orders online at

Over The Counter Sales

  • Recess – See menu for food available for purchase.  We will also have daily specials ranging from 10c.
  • Lunchtime – Icy poles and snacks will be available.

Special Situations

  • Any student that has forgotten to order lunch will be offered a limited menu choice and an account will be issued to parents if the student is unable to cover the cost.  Accounts are payable the next school day.

Canteen Volunteers

  • The canteen could not operate without the assistance and support of our wonderful volunteer parents.  Volunteers are always needed.  Please phone or come in and see us to book a day.  We would love to see you.

The Harmony Café follows the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink Policy and uses Star ChoiceTM products where possible.